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“Solid Silver” – The Bionics (Bocajito) [ALBUM] November 13, 2007

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Bionics Packshot

TITLE: Solid Silver / ARTIST: The Bionics / LABEL: Bocajito / RELEASE DATE: 19th November / CAT NO: BOCACD006

Consisting of Danielle Moore and Tim Davies of Crazy P, and renowned producer Ben Davis, The Bionics have created is a sublime piece of club-disco.

Ben Davis spent the earlier part of his musical career as an indie kid, before being slapped in the face by rave in the early ‘90s. He went on to run paperecordings and Shaboom Records for a number of years, before finally picking up a copy of Cubase and locking himself in a room until he’d learnt the tools of the trade. A man of diverse tastes, his influences range from Al Green to Devandra Banhart to Moodyman, and he currently enjoys a spot of dubstep of a Saturday. There is a rumour that Ben served as an apprentice castanet player with both Los Lobos and the Gypsy Kings.

Danielle Moore is something of a tour de force. Her mother introduced her to Sister Sledge at the tender age of 8, securing a love of disco and eventually paving the way for a career in music. An original Hacienda regular and big Prince fan, she provides Crazy P with an undeniable stage presence and ensures the crowd have a bloody good time, matching her on stage antics with an incredible voice.

Tim Davies spent his teens in bands, plucking away on bass until at the age of 18 he located the funk and soul section of a grotty second hand record store on a pier in Colwyn Bay. He’s an accomplished bass player, and notes that the hoover is pitched at a constant D-sharp. He’s rumoured to have been a member of a Bangladeshi skiffle group in the 70’s.

A bizarre magnetic pull lured Ben, Danielle and Tim Davies into the cellar of Flash Studios where they banged on tins, pulled on strings and poked at keys, feeding their creations into a master computer and lubricating the results with Danielle’s able vocals and lyrics. The process was an organic one, resulting in half a dozen accomplished tracks that made creating an album the logical next step. Thus was the rather splendidly raw and wonky “Solid Silver” borne: ten tracks of organic electronics and natural digitalism with roots in pop, house, techno and disco aimed at the heart, feet and head.

“Solid Silver” is scheduled for release on Nottingham’s Bocajito Records, responsible for some of the best slow-burning dance albums of the year from Secret Stealth (“Mince & Onions”), Floorman (“Floorman Presents Stack”) and Neon Heights.

The first single off “Solid Silver” will be “Love Chains”, complete with a Greg Wilson edit and Heavy Deviance remix of “Real Loving”.

The Bionics have been getting props from Ralph Lawson, Greg Wilson, Phat Phil Cooper, Magik Johnson and Yes King for their blend of wonky dancefloor robotics.

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact sophie@rocketsciencemedia.com or simon@rocketsciencemedia.com



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