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“Speed Emotions” – Marbert Rocel (Compost) [ALBUM] November 13, 2007

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Marbert Rocel Packshot

TITLE: Speed Emotions / ARTIST: Marbert Rocel / LABEL: Compost / RELEASE DATE: 26th November / CAT NO: CPT 278-2

It all began with two hip guys and one fly girl, sharing a cup of milk and honey at the late club. Every sip caused a warm and cosy beat to ripple over their hearts. Beats, like birds, flapped their wings to the rhythm of warm house and understated pop…

Marbert Rocel is Compost’s latest coup. The trio – Marcel Aue (producer and DJ), Robert Krause (producing, DJing and artwork) and Antje Seifarth (vocals) – hail from Erfurt, where interplay on band names is something of a local pastime. The multi-talented Marcel Aue aka DJ Malik has been spinning records as a hip hop DJ for the last 10 years and is part of German pop-funk-rap crossover act Clueso, whose records “Weit Weg” and “Gute Musik” he co-produced. Robert Krause studied graphic design and is responsible for the artwork of “Speed Emotions” and all other Marbert Rocel releases. Vocalist Antje Seifarth (or “Spunki” to her friends) was backing vocalist for Clueso and the jazz project Rhythm Club.

The album’s title – “Speed Emotions” – alludes to the emotionality of their songs. Marbert Rocel don’t produce “tracks” – they deal with intense emotions that come about swiftly but can disappear just as quick as they arrived. They take this fast paced ephemeral nature as an integrated concept that pairs lush melodies with swinging house beats. Genres and their boundaries are intentionally ignored. Besides catchy hits like “Ttticticrac” there are dancefloor fillers like “Roll To Roll”. The first single “Beats Like Birds” comes across with a remix by Douglas Greed from the Freude Am Tanzen camp. The muscle packed heart on the album cover describes perfectly how self-confident Marbert Rocel are at letting their perception of emotions flow through their music.

Marbert Rocel definitely know how to captivate the ears and melt the sneaker soles of their fellow Thuringians with their unique brand of music that successfully combines jazz, house, minimal and song writing into some kind of delectable melting pot. It is sometimes bizarre but always brilliant. With the release of their debut album “Speed Emotions” it is time to venture out and spread their compositions to all those greedy music appreciators worldwide…

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact sophie@rocketsciencemedia.com or simon@rocketsciencemedia.com



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