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“Beats, Bites & Öxle” – Various Artists (Sonar Kollektiv) [ALBUM] November 14, 2007

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TITLE: Beats, Bites & Öxle / ARTIST: Various Artists [Selected by Rainer Trüby & Jazzanova] / LABEL: Sonar Kollektiv / RELEASE DATE: 19th November / CAT NO: SK167CD

Following the success of “Homecooking“, Jazzanova have teamed up with Rainer Trüby to share their love for the combined magic of wine, food and music with their new cookbook, “Beats, Bites and Öxle“. This CD is accompanied by a very special book bound in linen that includes 48 pages printed on high quality paper & beautifully illustrated by Maria Tackmann.

Rainer Trüby is a man of many passions and a fountain of musical knowledge. He has shared this knowledge with Jazzanova – from old jazz classics and house rarities to the newest music productions. He made a name for himself with many successful projects such as the Abstract Jazz Journey mixes for the label King Street Sound, the sampler series Glücklich on Compost, and, of course, with the famous band Trüby Trio that he formed with his friends Christian Prommer and Roland Appel. Not only did Rainer Trüby share his enthusiasm about music, he also passed on his other big passion to the Jazzanova team – a love for good wine. In 2004 he started to organize the famous “Beats and Öxle” exhibitions in Freiburg at the Waldsee Inn. Every new exhibition is an occasion for him to share his love for wine in a nice musical atmosphere, and to present the best bottles that the wineries of his region can offer.

The question of “which wine for which dish” became a hot topic of conversation between Rainer and Jazzanova. Instinctively he got himself involved in the making of “Homecooking” last year with his personal wine tips for the first cookbook from Sonar Kollektiv. This year they’ve imagined and created a new book called “Beats, Bites and Öxle“, where the flavour of a delicious dish meets that of a gorgeous glass of wine. They’ve selected 6 vineyards from the region of Baden–Württemberg in the Southwest of Germany. In the book, each winemaker presents his vineyard with 2 of his favourite recipes, as well as the bottle of wine that accompanies this moment of gustative pleasure.

Sonar Kollektiv put the icing on the cake with an assorted selection of their best tunes from their favourite artists. The incredible Christian Prommer’s Drumlesson, Slope, and Extended Spirit (with the track “Solid Water” retouched by Trüby Trio) set up a very warm, ambient jazz vibe. There are some of Sonar Kollektiv’s most soulful artists in the shape of 1Luv and Georg Levin with “Leisure Suit”. ISoul8 take things a bit more up-tempo with “Give It Up”, and Clara Hill & Vikter Duplaix keep up this pace with the groovy and seductive “Paper Chase”. And of course, Jazzanova is featured in the selection with a live version of “That Night” featuring Clara Hill recorded in the Sonar Kollektiv office.

The presence of “Like a Rainbow” by Nomumbah is the extra spice of this musical dish. This tune – released for the first time – is a beautiful, deep house cover version of a song by the fusion-jazz band Amanita that can be found on the Sonar Kollektiv Brazilian music compilation “Paz e Futebol”. Eva Be completes the picture with “She Walks Alone”, as presented on her recent album “Moving Without Traveling” on Sonar Kollektiv’s sub-label, Best Seven.

With “Beats, Bites and Öxle“, Sonar Kollektiv multiply the pleasures once again – so lay the table and leave the rest to your hosts Jazzanova and Rainer Trüby.

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact sophie@rocketsciencemedia.com or simon@rocketsciencemedia.com



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