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“Affective Placebo Effect” – In Flagranti & “Gazed/Hush No Rush” – Nick Chacona (Speak) [SINGLE] November 16, 2007

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TITLE: Affective Placebo Effect / ARTIST: In Flagranti / LABEL: Speak / RELEASE DATE: November 2007 / CAT NO: SPK004

TITLE: Gazed/Hush No Rush / ARTIST: Nick Chacona / LABEL: Speak / RELEASE DATE: November 2007 / CAT NO: SPK005

Taking a rare break from producing successful releases on their Codek Records imprint, In Flagranti brings us “Additional Alpha Blocker” and “Affective Placebo Affect“.

Sashsa Crnobrnja and Alex Gloor – aka In Flagranti – deliver yet another quality EP. These tracks will hit home with fans of cosmic disco, electro and nu disco. “Affective Placebo Affect” is a slow motion groove that is laced with a touch of disco, tech-house and Italo elements. The track slowly progresses with a memorizing chord loop on a bed of post-disco percussion, lead-synth and live bass licks. “Additional Alpha Blocker” leans a little heavier on the electro sound. An electro-disco groove compliments synth-lines, percussion elements and that famous In Flagranti quirk.

Their blend of punk, no-wave, disco and house influenced madness lead to successful releases on Gomma and Tiger Sushi. This is a true cosmic-disco / electro gem!

Nick Chacona is definitely making the rounds, releasing his very own blend of nu-disco, electro and tech-house In only a few years his tracks have managed to find homes on Bear Funk, 2020 Vision, Hector Works and Saw Recordings.

Gazed” is an up-tempo dancefloor mover that delivers a combination of nu-disco and tech-house, and falls right in line with Nick’s 2020 and Saw releases. The track opens with percussive drum and synth elements that fall onto a pulsating electro-bass groove. The drums progress with an “in-your-face” electro slap, synthesizer chord stabs, and spaced-out synth lines that have become one of Nick’s trademarks.

Hush No Rush” is proof that things really do get better with age. This mid-tempo gem dates back to 2003 and is finally going see its day in the sun. The original mix weighs in at 117 BPMs, and is a post-disco journey through time using melodic synth and all things cowbell / woodblock. Broker Dealer lend a hand on the Russian Hush mix by bumping up the tempo and creating a mood more suitable for the rooms with taller ceilings and prettier bathrooms (without sacrificing vibe). This one is definitely going to hit home with fans of the Morgan Giest / Metro Area administration.

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact glenn@rocketsciencemedia.com or lou@rocketsciencemedia.com



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