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Short Circuit @ The Epicurean Lounge November 19, 2007

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Short Circuit Flyer

Short Circuit @ The Epicurean Lounge, 10 Clerkenwell Green, London, EC1R 0DP
Friday 7th December 2007

Short Circuit “Christmas Casualties”

As the adage goes, “Christmas comes but once a year”, which is why there’s really no excuse for not rocking out with your stockings out this Crimbo. While we don’t want to miss out on the festive spirit, we don’t want to have just any old Xmas party. So, with that distinct dichotomy in mind, we’ve come up with the theme “Christmas Casualties“.

Interpret as you will: you could come as a bad Santa, an uncle passed out in his armchair, or the office cliché who photocopies her ass… There’s really a bunch of different ways you could go about it, all sprinkled with the delightful frosting of good old British cynicism that perpetuates this time of year. (Bizarre adventures in facial hair also encouraged).


It’s the subterranean solution to all your hot-stepping needs. The enigmatic, energetic Epicurean entity. The big basement balls up. Currently residing at The Epicurean Lounge in Farringdon, where it’s rumored the dancefloor was literally carved out of the ground by the dancing feet of a thousand Inca warriors (who loved techno), Short Circuit has become something of a legend in nightclubbing folk lore, and future Chaucers shall recount it over mugs of Twinings Chai tea in-between reruns of Taggart.

Resident DJs:
+ Nick Heilemann
+ Steve SWAN Wright
+ Oliver McCluskey
+ Richard Adam
+ Simon Busby

Be sure to check out our new website:


It features monthly news updates, mixes to stream or download on the sly at work (4 to collect already!), and as many photos from each night as we can lay our grubby little mitts on.

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