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Audio Relief February 21, 2008

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On April 6th 2008, the new Control of Noise at Work Regulations come into effect all across the entertainment industry. Having been in effect in the industry sector since 2006, the law makes it compulsory for employers to provide their employees with suitable hearing protection in environments where the sound may be above acceptably safe levels (more than 85db) and risk conditions such as tinnitus.

As you can imagine, this news will have the most impact on club land and at live events where music is often at incredibly loud volumes (95db and higher), with many DJs, performers, sound engineers, bar workers and club goers currently oblivious to the potential damage being done to their hearing. The law may only affect the workplace, but as a clubber, shouldn’t you be protected as well? Why should you suffer for your passion?

Unlike the smoking ban, these new regulations do not have to spell the end for enjoyable nights out whether your place is behind the booth or on the dancefloor. There is effective and affordable hearing protection available that can not only save your ears, but can actually enhance the sound quality on the night out.

Whereas traditional foam earplugs tend to cut out a bit of bass, a lot of mid-range and plenty of top-end – making it hard to effectively hear people talking properly – Audio Relief’s earplugs are “flat response”, meaning they do not simply block out the sound, but filter it by reducing it evenly across the frequency band. The end result means that the music is clearer and more manageable, as well as making it easier to understand people talking in a club. For these reasons, the new regulations are being viewed positively by the music industry and are being heartily enforced across the board.

Audio Relief are constantly working with clubs such as Ministry of Sound and charitable organisations such as the RNID to raise awareness of the issues surrounding noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus. Their product range costs from £10 (ER20) to £159.99 (ER9/15/25), with one-size fits all ear plugs at the lower end of the scale, up to professionally made, custom-fit designs that are already popular with many music professionals today. Audio Relief’s in-ear monitors are championed by top DJ’s such as Goldie, LTJ Bukem, and bands like The Hoosiers, and are also fast replacing traditional headphones.

We need to push to make ear protection standard!” – Mary Ann Hobbs, BBC Radio 1

Get it sorted; you only have one pair of lugholes!” – Goldie, Metalheadz

More info on noise regulations:

Audio Relief Website:

5x ER20 (worth £10 each)
2x Audio Armour Custom (worth £99.00 each)
1x custom ER9/15/25 (worth £159.99)




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