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“Remixes” – Frost & Wagner (Sonar Kollektiv) [ALBUM] February 26, 2008

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Frost & Wagner

TITLE: Remixes / ARTIST: Frost & Wagner / LABEL: Sonar Kollektiv / RELEASE DATE: May 12th 2008 / CAT NO: SBCD0009

The love story between Adrian Wagner and reggae started at the tender age of 13, when he witnessed a concert from reggae legend Bob Marley on TV. It was his first big music experience, one that sparked a lifetime’s obsession that he has never looked back from since. Meanwhile, Oliver Frost discovered reggae through his love for ska – since both musical styles shared the same roots, he finally got hooked on the purity of reggae’s sound. The pair got to know each other in the Berlin reggae band Growing Tree in the late 80’s, with Frost on keys and Wagner on the drums. In these early years they refined their skills and learned how to incorporate and merge other influences and genres such as soul, jazz, dub and hip hop into their unique sound. They started to produce music as a duo in 2002, and thanks to Frost’s brother Barney Millah – one of Berlin’s most famous reggae DJs – they met up with Daniel Best, who promptly enrolled them in his Best Seven staple.

Besides their own music productions, Frost & Wagner have made a name for themselves as talented remixers. Whereas many artists and DJs would consider remixing a very purposive form of music production that aims to make people dance and sweat on the floors, Frost & Wagner see remixing as an art form in its own right. They relish using the input of other artists as a basis for a new song. From there they innovate, expressing their own creativity and offering a different perspective on the original tune. For Frost & Wagner there’s no rule to follow to make a good remix. Freedom of creation is the only thing that really matters.

Remixes starts off with Frost & Wagner’s remix of “Torch of Freedom”. Originally written by Cleveland Watkiss, and rearranged by Matthias Vogt’s jazz band project RE:JAZZ, Frost & Wagner transform it into a wonderful slice of jazz-roots reggae featuring the lovely voice of soul diva Joy Denalane. This is followed by a remix of Eva Be’s “She Walks Alone”, which highlights the sweet vocals of Pegah Ferydoni and gives the song a new intensity.

Their remix of Taxi’s “A Certain Something” highlights the charming voice of singer Jo Laundy, with laid-back drum parts and beautiful strings arrangements. Supporting the male vocalists are remixes of Tosca’s “Superrob”, Ben Westbeech’s “So Good Today”, Kabuki’s “Speed Of Sound” and Jan Delay’s “Klar”. From Deyampert’s “The Sweetest Delusion” to Onejiru’s “We Carry On” and over to Matthias Vogt Trio’s “The Look Into Your Eyes”, Frost & Wagner’s remixes have that compelling, feel-good feeling that makes you want to dance. The crowning glory for Berlin’s reggae duo comes with their soothing, atmospheric remix of “Everything”, from Sonar Kollektiv’s own Clara Hill’s Folkwaves.

Frost & Wagner will show you that remixing can be a wonderful artform, and with Remixes, Best Seven once again serve up eleven fragments of dubby heaven.

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact sophie@rocketsciencemedia.com or simon@rocketsciencemedia.com



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