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“Donkey Ride” – Mr. Scruff (Ninja Tuna) [SINGLE] April 23, 2008

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TITLE: Donkey Ride / ARTIST: Mr. Scruff / LABEL: Ninja Tuna / RELEASE DATE: 12th May 2008

1. Donkey Ride (Mr. Scruff & Quantic)
2. Giant Pickle (Mr. Scruff)

As any fool knows, Mr. Scruff is more than just a DJ/producer. The bearded Stockport wonder is a cartoonist, purveyor of fine teas, club impresario, lover of fish (but not in a funny way) and general champion of a better way of life. He has also sold a cool million records whilst with Ninja Tune, so it will be of no surprise that the Mancunian maverick and Ninja Tune label have decided to launch a new venture: Ninja Tuna!

Scruff shows that all his music-making virtues are intact. Funny, funky, musically warm and astute, but with some of that cartoonish funfair atmosphere that makes every Scruff release a celebration. “Donkey Ride” is a collaboration with long-time cohort Quantic and pianist Andy Kingslow. Coming on like “Roobarb & Custard” on a day out with Ray Charles, it’s a green dog leading the blind kind of tune. Nuff said. Meanwhile, “Giant Pickle” slaps the biggest hip hop break up against hi-life keyboards and moody strings for the most moving ode to large vegetables killed by vinegar since… erm, well maybe it’s a first. Unfeasible bass and cowbell snaps, this will move the floor. It’s not for us to say where.

Make note people that this is a less than traditional start to your everyday album campaign as over the next 18 months Ninja Tuna will release various types of Scruff ephemera, intramedia and post-prandial devicing – music, clothing, merchandise, art, technology, widgets, wall vinyl’s, videos, refrigeration devices, you bloody name it. If we can fit a wobbly cartoon of a potato person on it and render it with the production values of a space shuttle mission, then it might just happen. Think Apple Corps without the hippy pretension and bottomless pit of cash. Or think of Factory Records, only with more sea life and less dangerous drugs.

Ninja Tuna – fishy business in an age of watered-down flava. Get collecting…

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact glenn@rocketsciencemedia.com or lou@rocketsciencemedia.com



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