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“I Say You Can’t Stop” – Nelson (Ctrl Alt Del) [SINGLE] July 14, 2008

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Ctrl Alt Del LogoTITLE: I Say You Can’t Stop / ARTIST: Nelson / LABEL: Ctrl Alt Del / RELEASE DATE: TBC / CAT NO: CADSIN002CD

1. I Say You Can’t Stop
2. Dammerung

A French revolution is igniting across the channel, spearheaded by Paris upstarts Nelson who have been picked up Ctrl.Alt.Del Records. This band breezes into the summer with another fine slice of Indie-Pop-Rock’n’Roll.

Their music can be described as a cross between Joy Division, The Rapture, and Animal Collective. The band promise explosive performances where aggressive guitars compete with delicate electronic sounds.

Formed at an audio/visual school in Paris in late 2004, the quartet began regularly playing gigs around the capital before settling down to record their first EP Bangkok Riot, released in early 2007. The EP was met with rave reviews and it wasn’t long before they were back in the studio putting together their first album.

This band like to tinker with the arrangements without ever repressing their simplicity, a simplicity which cannot be overlooked! At times the group plays with the same passive aggression of an amplifier pushed to its max and then suddenly listeners experience chills as a keyboard is stroked ever so lightly. In effect, the very essence of these musicians haunts the electronic consonances which they use to construct a driving force that eventually plunges into outright obsession. Similar to Animal Collective, the group preys upon our nerves as Thomas Pirot beats his drums akin to an epileptic metronome. New Order and Notwist can also be heard through the distinct yelling of Gregory Kowalski, followed by the murmuring of JB Devay or the droning of David Nichols. When the music finally stops spinning around in our heads, we aren’t quite sure how Nelson managed to take us on a musical journey straight into their madness. That being said, it is not the least bit surprising to see the number of die hard fans increasing across France and England alike. Nelson will be on tour in June to promote their and in September 2008 to promote their album “Revolving Doors“.

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact glenn@rocketsciencemedia.com or lou@rocketsciencemedia.com


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