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“Township Funk (Ashley Beedle AfrikanZ on MarZ mix)” – Mujava (This Is Music) [SINGLE] July 15, 2008

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TITLE: Township Funk (Ashley Beedle AfrikanZ on MarZ mix) / ARTIST: Mujava / LABEL: This Is Music / RELEASE DATE: 17th September 2008

1. Township Funk
2. Township Funk (Ashley Beedle AfrikanZ on MarZ mix)

Sounding like DJ Gregory’s marching band heading through the back alleys of Brazil’s favelas, Township Funk is the master work of one South African, Mujava – real name Elvis Maswanganyi – a twenty something hailing from a Pretorian township called Attredgeville.

DJ Mujava’s formula on Township Funk is simple. It’s tough, dark, African dance music from the industrial city of Pretoria. It’s perhaps the most infectious dance record you’ll hear this year, echoing the early Warp sound of LFO or the Forgemasters in an uncanny way almost 20 years on, across continents.

Mujava’s break landed when taxi drivers – who act as independent grassroots music distributors in South Africa’s urban townships – started punting CDs of the music they’d heard him play on community radio across Pretoria that they’d acquired from begging visits to his house. Spreading his sound though their cab stereos, they started selling his music directly to their customers. His popularity grew and he was eventually signed to the well known Johnnesburg-based dance music label, Sheer Music. Up until now however, he’s not released anything outside of South Africa.

In the UK, Mujava was discovered by the good people at This Is Music Ltd, (home to Simian Mobile Disco, A-Trak, Frankmusik, Little Boots and current grindcore electro idol Fake Blood amongst others). Drawn to its simplicity, strange familiarity and catchiness, they first heard the track trawling through Youtube, where so far the video for the track has had almost 60,000 views. You’ll also hear Mujava on The Rapture’s forthcoming DJ Kicks compilation. Warp Records have signed the track outside of the UK and South Africa guaranteeing a heavy push worldwide.

Indeed, this beefy slice of post nu-rave kwaito funk would be equally at home on East London backrooms as it would be in the front room of a Pretorian shanty. Held together by an incessant wobbly synth line and backed up by the ever-present booty-shaking bass-line, this is instant hitting, maximum impact African techno. Ashley Beedle‘s AfrikanZ on MarZ mix sprinkles a dose of big room magic on the original, beefing up the bass, adding jungle noises, crispening up the snares and bringing the dark pads to the fore, bringing the drama with them.

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact glenn@rocketsciencemedia.com or lou@rocketsciencemedia.com


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