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“Sine Tempus” – Goldie (Metalheadz) [ALBUM] August 20, 2008

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TITLE: Sine Tempus / ARTIST: Goldie / LABEL: Metalheadz / RELEASE DATE: Autumn 2008

In between expressing himself with a paint brush and conducting orchestras on national TV, Goldie is something of a musician. And after 10 years since last official solo album, the Metalheadz boss and drum and bass ambassador is back!

Mostly composed in 2004 by Goldie, and engineered by Mark Caro (Technical Itch), Sine Tempus – his third artist album – was considered to be too dangerous for public consumption and sealed in an underground vault to prevent infection. Then, like an ancient relic from an Indiana Jones movie, the dust was recently blown off the master copy.

Having had mammoth successes with the seminal Timeless and it’s follow up Saturnz Return, Goldie’s third album recalls both albums while injecting some of the cutting edge toughness that categorised the drum and bass sound back in 2004. And even today, the sound is still fresh, energetic and exciting.

From the beautiful soaring strings of Letting Go to the haunting atmospheres and twisted bassline contained within I Know who I Am, Sine Tempus covers the entire spectrum of drum and bass, an experience which is unmistakably Metalheadz at it’s best. Also the soundtrack to Goldie’s forthcoming film of the same name, Sine Tempus bridges the gap between music and visual art, taking Metalheadz and Drum and Bass further into the realms of multimedia.

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact simon@rocketsciencemedia.com or tom@rocketsciencemedia.com



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