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“One Divided Soul” – Broadway Project (ODS) [ALBUM] November 20, 2008

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TITLE: One Divided Soul / ARTIST: Broadway Project / LABEL: ODS / RELEASE DATE: 12th January 2009 / CAT NO: ODSD003

Following on from the critically acclaimed In Finite comes the luscious musical tapestry of One Divided Soul, Dan Berridge’s latest release under his Broadway Project moniker. His first album in 3 years – while typically cinematic in scope – represents a new direction for Berridge: here, he uses his background in writing film and television scores to conjure up a sonic vista that is eccentric and diverse, yet also possessed of a fragile overarching, cerebral beauty.

Inspired by Dan’s love for obscure library music and twisted hip-hop, ODS was loosely envisioned as “baroque-beats with a classical twist”. However, it soon became a joyful noise where anything quirky and off-the-wall goes: big cello riffs do battle with r’n’b beats and Harpsichord riffs are matched with off kilter rhythms. The mood moves from light-hearted stompers, to big cinematic string laden epics. The very title alludes to the schizophrenic nature of Dan’s output: “I’ve got two musical brains, one is dead-set-serious on creating what is needed for the image I’m working with and the other one is strictly me. That’s what this album is; me having fun and making music that moves me and my friends”

Music for the marketing men as well, it would seem, as Broadway Project tracks have recently featured on ads for Orange, Guinness, Sky, Max Factor and Seat. Orange use “The Wobble” as part of their RockCorp campaign, and “Bar-Room Brawl” was used by Guinness for their recent Taste campaign.

Other projects Dan has worked on recently include “Better Things” the Cannes nominated feature film by Duane Hopkins; and “Identity of the Soul”, a feature film starring Vanessa Redgrave and directed by Thomas Hoegh. Then there’s the ODS Remixed album on the horizon, with contributions from friends and comrade’s including Mint Royale, Shawn Lee, Michael Fakesch, Bonobo, Jon Kennedy, Plaid and many more to come.

Broadway Project live take the form of a stripped back unit, aimed at the dancefloor, with Matt Bourne on Cello and synths, Sir Beans OBE on decks, and Dan on his laptop crunching out beats and effects. The ODS Soundsystem (live DJ set) is also ready to set sail, with the release of the album being accompanied by several exclusive mixes, taking in some rare-as-hen’s-bollocks library music alongside mucho twisted hip-hop beats and exclusive new remixes and tracks.

One Divided Soul resembles something of a musical library, where distinctively modern booty-beats and classical instrumentation are carefully catalogued and arranged, only for Dan Berridge to enter and artfully re-arrange the whole set-up into a bizarre, chaotic, teetering, and yet intrinsically stable sculpture of sound. Being in two minds has never made so much sense.

If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact tom@rocketsciencemedia.com or simon@rocketsciencemedia.com



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