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Interview: The Tivoli March 3, 2009

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The Tivoli on…

… The origins of the band

We are a four piece Rock N Roll band based in Rotherham/Sheffield. We take our name from the ‘home end’ at Rotherham United’s old ground ‘Millmoor’. “National Service“, our début album, is mainly based on songs I had written as a singer/songwriter prior to our formation, which has since witnessed a varied line up with as many as 10 people walking through what seems like a revolving door in the last 4 years.

… Their live show

The shows are full-on parties. We’re having a lot of good things said about us by a lot people, which is nice. The most memorable ones to date have got to be the sell-outs at KOKO and Shepherd’s Bush Empire whilst touring with Kora from NZ. The most energetic ones though are back home at places like the Leadmill and the Boardwalk in Sheffield. We have sold out The Boardwalk the last two times we have been there. The crowds keep getting bigger and the missus knows most of the words now so that’s always a good sign. The songs are top though… laced with plenty of ideas, beautiful melodies and big balls.

… Future plans for the band

Well we’ve been working on the album for 3 years so it would be nice to get it out before the Olympics… and to earn a decent crust from it so we can afford to make another. Plenty of touring will do nicely too. I want to do 5 straight nights at the Sheffield Arena because I used to work there, and I’d get all the stewards to go on the piss with us whilst they are ‘looking after us’.

… Their love of Rotherham United FC

One word defines being a Rotherham Fan… defiant! We’ve had the lot in the last 15 years. Two promotions, 3 relegations, A Wembley Win, 3 Administrations in as many years and we’ve had to leave our hometown and play in Sheffield. We’ve had Ronnie Moore, Shaun Goater and Alan Lee, but also Andy Haywood and Gisbert Bos! We pay Championship prices for League 2 football and we endorsed Mr Oliver and his antics… all the fans like to moan, but we are true football fans… always there through thick and thin.

… Their thoughts on Jamie Oliver force feeding the population of Rotherham cous cous

The guy tried to do something decent… good on him, I think most of the people in that show came out triers, which is what we are round these parts, but why can’t he pay for his Ministry Of Food shop himself rather than leaving the local people to pick up the bill? I was at the Rotherham Match he turned up at, where at half time he urged us all to try his freshly cooked steaks after the game… for £2 each, the cheeky twat.

… The credit crunch

It doesn’t make much difference to me because I work for the minimum wage at the moment, so its like I’ve been involved in a credit crunch for a while. I get up at half five every morning to go round in circles. My current job is my tenth in 3 years; eleventh if you include being in a band, which is the most time consuming of all, but it’s our way out to a better being where your heart and soul can become pure. It’s harsh though; good people are struggling or have been laid off. These are people with families who have dedicated their lives slaving for a wage just to be erased from their profession because of the greed of others. How can it be that we can send people into space, we can organize Olympic Games and World Cups, etc but we can’t find enough jobs for people? Maybe there would be enough jobs if the powers that be, and I don’t just mean the current establishment, because this runs decades deep, would start looking after their own rather than battling it out in a global popularity contest. My advice for the future? If you can’t afford it then don’t buy it. Simple, Kids.

Thank you, and good night.

The Tivoli’s album National Service is out soon in all good record shops. Get in contact for promo’s, press releases, interviews etc. Or check out our new Soundcloud page, where you can stream the album and leave feedback


The Tivoli plays at The Fly, in London-town on the March 21st; Rotherham Magna Centre w/Little Man Tate on March 28th; and Sheffield Boardwalk on May 15th

Contact tom@rocketsciencemedia.com for press passes/more info



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