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The Tivoli @ The Fly, London March 11, 2009

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The Tivoli @ The Fly, 36-38 New Oxford Street, London, WC1A 1EP
Saturday 21st March, 7.30pm – 5.30am
£5 advance from here

Line Up:
The Tivoli
Raw Fox

About The Tivoli:

The Tivoli are a band used to hard work, fitting their legendary live performances and recording in between various day and night jobs. Through graft and gigs, the band have built a rock solid fan base in South Yorkshire and produced National Service, a début album that articulates the issues facing everyone struggling to keep strong and stay true to their aims and principles in small-town Britain.

The album is partly a social commentary, engaging political concerns such as war, the death throes of the welfare state, debt and the burden of mundane jobs, but also deals passionately with sex, heartbreak, and violence. Just as National Service addresses many of the issues and the burden of modern life, it also offers a chance to conquer it and remain defiant through music, through knowing your roots, and most importantly through knowing how to have a good time.

This defiance comes from working with and not against cultural change in modern Britain. The wildly eclectic sound of National Service is a testament to the diversity of British culture, even in its smaller industrial towns. It smacks of post punk art-rock but acknowledges the industrial heritage of the area with the sound of brass and a nod to the Midlands mod and two-tone heritage as well as documenting the effect of dance music’s impact on England’s sonic landscape on tracks such as the single Pawns on the Fence. A melting pot of influences is driven forward by a wall of guitars, bass and tabla that stands well apart from the mass of identi-kit indie.

This is an album inspired by the terraces, by small town struggles and wage slavery – but it goes beyond these issues and stands head and shoulders above the traditional lad-rock formula by conscientiously engaging and incorporating with what it means to be a conscript in modern Britain.

The Tivoli are:
Lee McMahon (Vocals, Guitar)
Damian Baughan (Lead Guitar)
Gareth Eaton (Drums)
Russell Frisby (Bass)

Shiva Records will release a double-A single featuring “Pawns On The Fence” and “Ballad Of The Beauty Queen” on  1st June 2009. “National Service” is set to hit the shops on June 8th 2009.

Praise for The Tivoli:

“An excellent band… powerful songs” – Iain Hodgson, BBC Raw Talent Sheffield

“Rotherham-based The Tivoli rock with some zinging tunes” – The Scotsman

“Fantastic Songwriting” – Alan Raw, BBC Raw Talent Humberside

“An ambitious but repeatedly effective collection of songs, it veers from rock tub thumpers to pop-lined gems that have the potential to win listeners of various persuasions. Diversity can be a double-edged sword unless done well. Fortunately over the years Lee McMahon and his troops have honed The Tivoli into a tight but lively offering that refuses to be pinned to one genre.” – David Dunn, Sheffield Star

“Album of the Month… with an almighty bang, The Tivoli exploded out of the speakers with their album “National Service”. One for the people, without a doubt.” – http://www.bluesbunny.com

“Every song hits the mark” – Radio Coma

“The Tivoli’s creativity is countered with their finger firmly on the pulse of the contemporary music scene, and the indie-centric sound does not fall victim to the category befitting masses as they hold an unequivocal edge to their music.” – The Music Magazine

“Blending dance and rock in an interesting new way, the Tivoli bear further observation as there’s a lot of potential in these tunes” – Subba Cultcha



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