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“The Raw Truth” – Lynx & Kemo (Soul:R) [ALBUM] May 15, 2009

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LynxKemo_Packshot_300TITLE: The Raw Truth / ARTIST: Lynx & Kemo / LABEL: Soul:R / RELEASE DATE: 1st June 2009

It’s surely a sign of times that Lynx & Kemo had made three tracks together before they had even met in person. Nowadays this sort of thing is referred to as a “Myspace success story”: sending each other messages and file transfers over the net is par for the course. With neither of them hailing from what one might call clubbing Meccas – Portsmouth and Dusseldorf via Hawaii respectively – it’s easy to understand how their music isn’t overly influenced by the mainstream.

2007 and Lynx & Kemo’s first release Global Enemies saw its release on SOUL:R to accolades by the scene’s top DJs. Closely followed by the equally impressive Carnivale later in 2007 it firmly cemented Lynx & Kemo as the most exciting and original D&B acts to surface in years.

As a producer, Lynx has established a reputation for his technical ability and his innovation. Soul:r, Creative Source, Digital Soundboy and Bingo are just some of the leading labels he’s released on and are proof that his sound is not only fresh but diverse. With massive tracks including Disco Dodo and Global Enemies already under his belt, Lynx has clearly demonstrated he’s not afraid to break the mould whilst staying true to his own style.

Kemo’s global upbringing has allowed him to absorb to a wide variety of cultures and experiences, a fact that is clearly reflected in his musical work: he is currently also working on Dubstep, Techno, Broken Beat and Hip Hop tracks with a variety of European producers. Douglas Greed and Kemo released their first single Deadlines in 2008, which was championed by the likes of Laurent Garnier. Zed Bias also features Kemo on his infamous Biaspheres series and the duo continue their experimentation in sound together.

Lynx & Kemo are innovators in the truest sense of the word, pioneering soulful club music through a mix of orchestral composition and innovative song-writing. The Raw Truth is an album resplendent with influences, combining hip hop, soul, dubstep and downtempo, while staying undeniably rooted in its drum and bass roots. Each track possesses subtle detail that guarantees longevity, ensuring there is something new to discover on each re-listen; songs are reduced to their very essence, emphasizing as much the space in-between the music as the music itself.

“It all happened so fast. Within the space of about 3 weeks I had received 3 tracks from an artist that I vaguely knew. Three Drum & Bass / Hip Hop hybrid tracks that sounded so fresh, so accomplished and so professional, I instantly had to call and ask them to make an album.

“To me it’s something you would think should have been done long before. Especially considering the marriage of MC’s and DJ’s within the drum and bass scene, but for whatever reason it was only until hearing these three tracks that I realised that it could be done properly.

“The Raw Truth is an album that leans towards being many things, Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, RnB, even Dubstep but what it actually is, is none of them and all of them at the same time. It’s something quite unique, a sound that is as individual as Drum & Bass has ever been, and more importantly it’s a sound that can hopefully change people’s opinions on what drum and bass is. Its music from two artists, as opposed to a DJ and an MC, not aimed directly at the dance floor but still having enough edge and DJ sensibilities to find itself in all the record boxes throughout the scene.

“The Raw Truth is an LP for your headphones, an album full of songs and stories. Not only an album that portrays an MC’s struggle to find peace with both himself and the world at large but also an album that showcases this unique producers skills to the utmost. Out of the fifteen tracks, only four are instrumentals. Not a usual statistic for drum and bass, but then again this in not your usual drum and bass LP.

Marcus Intalex, February 2009

Early praise for Lynx & Kemo:

“Lynx, the man that really changed the face of drum and bass…”

DJ Fabio (BBC Radio 1)

“…gives hope to all those becoming disillusioned with the current state of musical affairs in D&B”


“This is a creative tour de force of genuine songs that puts its home genre to shame”

– 9/10, iDJ Mag

“Brilliant tracks”

Laurent Garnier


If you would like some more information or you want to preview or review this release and would like to receive a promo copy, please contact simon@rocketsciencemedia.com or tom@rocketsciencemedia.com



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